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About ESL

Excellence Professional Services LLC Providing Excellence One Employee at a Time!


Our philosophy is Simple

Bring your passion to work every day and let it be part of your/our growth and treat people right!

Excellence Professional Services believes in having a strong respect for our employees and in doing so it allows the employees to have a strong sense of belonging.

Our goal is to seek employees who posses the highest level of honesty, honor and integrity. It means asking open-ended questions and listening to our clients as well as our employees. Following these principles allows EPS to serve our clients with the most qualified candidates.

In the world of employment agencies and staffing companies we all have the same mind set to bring the most qualified candidate to the job position.

Every company does to some degree of drug testing, skill assessments, criminal background checks and previous employment reference validation.

I want to explain how Excellence Professional Service is different from any other companies and that is with Service, Partnership, Expectations which equals Value.



We believe that communication is a critical building block to developing strong relationships and industry best customer service. From our first contact with a prospect to the extensive interviews conducted with our candidates, communication is an essential tool that facilitates building the relationships necessary to turn those prospects into longtime clients and candidates into dedicated employees.

Listening is the most important component to communication. Without it, progress is impossible and relationships fail. Listening to the needs of our clients and employees affords us the opportunity to create better “fits” for both. While other staffing companies rely only on technology to “match” the employee to client we take it one step further by applying what we have learned at the human level through listening to consider important criteria that can’t be measured by technology–like culture, values, and ethics.

Communication can’t be a one-way street. That’s why every client gets phone numbers to reach a member of our team in your local market 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. At least one of those phone numbers is the personal cell phone of a manager or your personal relationship manager. You will also have access to communicate with us through email, text, and messaging through our client portal.

Relationship Building

Relationships matter and the best relationships are built between parties who have mutual interests–you might say, between parties who care. We care about your success and we take our jobs very personally. We care that you have made promises to your customers and we will do everything in our power to help you keep that promise. Our staff assumes ownership of your staffing concerns and take pride in the job that they do for you. This empowerment builds character and goodwill and, ultimately, the personal relationship that you will only find with Excellence Professional Services.

Every EPS client has a personal relationship representative because our clients are not just numbers to us–they are our partners in business and we value that relationship.

The relationships we build with our employees are equally as important. When treated as equals rather than “temps” we have found that our employees care more about their jobs than their counterparts. This creates true passion and energy for their work, thereby improving performance.


Customer Service

Excellence Professional Services thrives on relationships, and another building block to developing those long-term relationships is customer service. EPS offers unparalleled customer service that, to our knowledge, is the industry’s best.

There is no staffing company more responsive to its clients’ needs than Excellence Professional Services. We provide you with the personal cell phone numbers of local staff who can assist you anytime, day or night, weekdays or weekends–even holidays. You’ll also have our local office numbers, corporate office numbers, and all the necessary email addresses to ensure you reach someone who can resolve your problem in the quickest and most efficient manner.

Our staff is highly trained and qualified to work with you to solve your staffing dilemmas.

Call on Excellence Professional Services when it absolutely, positively, has to be done right!